Business Sustainability

Watch to learn how our Mission aligns with our company's sustainable growth.

Succeeding as a sustainable company in today’s economy requires vigilance. We must remain relevant and important to our customers. Stable and forward-thinking for our investors. And constantly aware of the impact our business has on the world. We meet these challenges by:   

Business Sustainability in Action

Research application

Cold storage, getting better and better:
It is critical that samples and medicines are preserved at constant temperatures based on their highly sensitive nature. Because of this, it was time that a new technology was developed to keep temperatures constant.  

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Thermo Fisher Israel

Our site in Israel recognized for its beauty and sustainability:
Thermo Fisher's site in Kiryat Shmona, Israel was recently awarded the Five Beauty Stars Award in the 2016 CBI National Competition for a Beautiful Israel and Sustainable Industry.

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Sustainable product design banner
Green Leaf Product Spotlight
iBlot system

We have redesigned the Invitrogen iBlot 2 transfer stacks to use 50% less plastic and requires 70% less packaging.

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