Cold Storage, Getting Better and Better

Designed with clinical and lab personnel in mind, the TSX505 undercounter refrigerator safely and efficiently stores vaccines, pharmaceuticals and other clinical and research material close to the point of use or point of care. With its state-of-the-art capabilities, the unit significantly minimizes energy usage and noise, maintains high performance levels and completely maximizes its storage capacity in comparison to other undercounter units. 

Eliminating Laboratory Issues using Compressor-free V-Drive Technology 

It is critical that samples and medicines are preserved at constant temperatures based on their highly sensitive nature. Because of this, it was time that a new technology was developed to keep temperatures constant. The TSX505, unlike other lab-grade refrigerators, does not use a compressor. Instead, it utilizes synchronized temperature management (STeM) to make sure that internal temperatures are continuously monitored, even during times of door openings.  

Because of the compressor-less technology, the team also was able to overcome the humming noise that most refrigerators make. For customers, this means that the TSX505 will make very little noise, allowing them to work without being interrupted. Since the unit's sound output level (dBA) is less than that of an average library, the extremely quiet TSX505 can be placed closer to patients to boost efficiencies in administering medicines and vaccines, thus reducing the sound disturbance at the point of care.

How Innovation Benefits the User

The TSX505 Series is part of the Thermo Scientific TSX cold storage portfolio, which focuses on delivering sustainable benefits to users. Customers of the TSX505 can reduce their operating costs by about 30 percent, all the while using 37 percent less energy than prior units.

Aside from its energy-saving and cost reduction features, the innovative TSX505 refrigerator offers several advantages to clinical and laboratory workers. For one, the unit is designed to hold more biological samples or pharmaceutical products within a smaller footprint. Without the internal protrusions such as overhead fans, the TSX505 offers almost double the storage space of an alternative model. For example, the TSX505 can hold 495 vaccine boxes, while the alternative model only holds 216. 

Additional features on the new model consist of automatic locking, data logging capabilities via a USB port to more efficiently monitor storage conditions, and an improved user interface. 

Overall, the TSX505’s product attributes will not only enhance the entire TSX product offering but also improve the daily lives of laboratory and clinical workers everywhere.