Thermo Fisher Site in Israel is Recognized for Its Beauty and Sustainability

Thermo Fisher Israel

Left: Employees enjoying a cold treat on the site’s outdoor deck with a group of 4th grade students vising their site as part of STEM education outreach. Right: Employees assembling the iBlot™ instrument in the site’s laboratory facility.

Thermo Fisher's Kiryat Shmona site in Israel was recently awarded a Five Beauty Stars Award in the 2016 CBI National Competition for a Beautiful Israel and Sustainable Industry.

This was the site's first entry in the annual competition, which is held under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Economy & Industry in collaboration with the Manufacturers Association of Israel. The purpose is to promote environmental, sustainability and safety initiatives and thus improve the overall quality of life in Israel. Hundreds of factories, industrial parks, power plants, research sites, distribution centers and office buildings take part in the competition every year.

The competition's criteria include internal and external appearance and safety and environmental impact. Our Kiryat Shmona colleagues improved the appearance of the site by landscaping, painting and cleaning.

In terms of sustainability, the site undertook a number of measures, including taking better advantage of natural light by adjusting the operating hours. They also replaced incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving lighting and installed better building insulation as well as solar panels for hot water. The Kiryat Shmona site participates in zero-waste recycling and paper-saving activities as well as initiatives to reduce water usage.

As the Council for a Beautiful Israel notes on its website, "Life experience, backed by scientific studies, demonstrates the tremendous benefits of a pleasant and well-kept workplace. Working in a well-landscaped environment can actually improve the productivity of employees, who spend long hours at the factory."

Kiryat Shmona site leader Nitzan Rozenblit, who accepted the award on behalf of Thermo Fisher, said, "This award is thanks to the efforts of all Kiryat Shmona employees. It's important to every one of our employees that their workplace is safe, clean, aesthetically pleasing and well maintained." We’re sure our employees agree.