Little Scientist, Big Dreams

The Little Scientist program was created in China through a partnership with the non-profit organization China Youth Development Fund (CYDF) who saw a need for supplemental science teaching in the more rural towns across the country.   

This past spring a total of 360 volunteers participated in a scientific box packing activity, filling 775 scientific kits with a variety of equipment and materials to conduct 10 different science experiments in the classroom.   The kits were then donated to primary schools in less developed regions where the young kids were lacking scientific education.  Additionally, the China team visited several 4th and 5th grade classes in the Shibandeng Town, Cheghdu to give students scientific lectures and conduct hands on activities with the students.  One such activity teaches students how to make milk tea, a popular drink in China. 

“With the support from Thermo Fisher, we are opening the gate of science for these students in rural villages. By enhancing the scientific enlightenment, we nurture children’s interest in science, and grow a potential force for science and technology innovation in China.” Vice Chief Secretary of the China Youth Development Fund.