Advancing Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Where technology, data and clinical expertise combine to dramatically improve population health, better diagnose and treat disease and accelerate the discovery and use of new medicines.


Prevent, Know, Manage

As researchers and clinicians collaboratively imagine what’s possible (and what’s next) in medicine, they’re pushing the boundaries of technology and data analysis to accelerate the development and implementation of clinically valid tests and therapies that reduce the cost of care while dramatically improving patient outcomes.

From genomics and proteomics to metabolomics and proteogenomics, researchers and clinicians are helping unlock individuals’ complex molecular profiles, and this is the key to advancing precision medicine efforts worldwide. Thermo Fisher is committed to facilitating this collaboration and the sharing of information to support the larger goal of bringing the right medical interventions to the right patients at precisely the right time. Below are application stories that show how researchers and clinicians are delivering innovative approaches that are changing how we prevent disease, know when we have it and, most important, better manage its outcome.

Enabling CAR-T Cell Therapy Innovations in Patient Care