Protecting our Customers


While Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to protecting your information within our environment, you also play an important role in ensuring that your information remains secure.

Cyber fraud

Protect against cyber fraud. Learn how to identify and respond to potentially fraudulent activity

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Business email compromise

Recognize and avoid BEC attacks in their tracks

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Illegal access

Don’t let scammers trick you into making payments to their accounts

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Don't be hooked by phishing

Leverage this decision tree to identify suspicious emails

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Mobile device securty

Be smart about the security of your device

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Password security

3 tips to securely manage your passwords and PINs

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Understand and protect against the rising threat of ransomware

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Job Scams
job scams

Learn how to identify fraudulent job-related activity

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Questions about Thermo Fisher Scientific’s cybersecurity posture? Review the Cybersecurity FAQs.