Our Stories

Counting on You

For recipients of the lifesaving, life-changing gift of organ donation, “counting” has many meanings. Every day is a chance to cover more miles on a bike, train another athlete or teach another student.


These individuals are literally counting the moments and the milestones. At the same time, they are “counting” on the donors, caregivers, nonprofits, industry, healthcare providers and practitioners that make the miracle transplantation possible.


With Counting on You, we aim to amplify these stories and encourage organ donation by demonstrating the impact it can have on a life.

Al's story

A former ultramarathoner and Olympic qualifier, Alfred (Al) Logie was never one to shy away from a challenge, and all his life he had prioritized his health. So, it was a shock to him, his family, and his doctors when he fell sick with an unexplained illness that left him unable to walk more than a few feet.

Julianne's story

Julianne “Montana” Vasichek dealt with digestive issues during her first year as a Division 1 scholarship athlete, playing women’s ice hockey at the University of Minnesota Duluth. At the age of 25, shortly after starting her career as a collegiate hockey coach, she received a devastating diagnosis.

Amelia's story

When the Garcias found out they were pregnant, they were overjoyed. The first grandbaby on both sides of the family, Amelia’s arrival was highly anticipated. But, unfortunately, near the day of Amelia’s arrival, the Garcias were told she had a heart defect.

Vadrien's story

If you were given the opportunity to save a life, what would you do? When Sophia Jackson heard that New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer Vadrien Alston needed a new kidney, Sophia decided to become a living donor to get Vadrien off dialysis and back on her feet.

Kadin's story

Kadin Hoven was only five days old when doctors first diagnosed him with kidney failure. Today, he is a creative and accomplished 16-year-old who is thriving thanks to the power of living donation as the recipient of three living donations.

Ava's story

For most of her life, Ava Kaufman was a successful businesswoman, mother, professional dancer, and a black belt in Taekwondo. She was strong, fit, and thriving—until a rare autoimmune disease caused a health crisis that led to her heart transplant.

Marcus's story

Marcus Roberts was an athlete for most of his life. Active throughout his school years, he joined the Air Force after high school and later became a Nevada police officer. But his years of service and active lifestyle were halted when his health began to fail.