Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership


"Design for Sustainability means taking a comprehensive approach to consider the environmental effects of our products and services throughout their entire life cycle. Thermo Fisher’s objective in this design approach is to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive outcomes, whenever possible, for all stakeholders, including our customers and the environment. It’s a balance of remaining always hopeful, while staying ever grounded in the science.," says Karen Nelson, Chief Scientific Officer of Thermo Fisher.

"The investment in women's health research by the White House is a welcome step forward. But it's only the beginning. Let's seize this momentum to drive meaningful change and ensure that women's health remains a top priority on the national agenda," writes Rose Blackburne, M.D., M.B.A, as penned in her response to recent White House initiatives on women's health research.


The future of science

A woman is at the doctor's office for a visit to her doctor. She is getting a medical examination and advice for her health. Here she receives a thyroid examination for a cancer check.


of scientists believe they will live to see a complete cure to most types of cancers during their lifetime.

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of scientists agree that Life Sciences companies should prioritize people and humanity over the products and services they provide.

Innovation driven by purpose

Behind every breakthrough at Thermo Fisher are our four 'I' values: integrity, intensity, innovation, and involvement, forming the foundation of our culture and addressing some of the world's greatest challenges.

Through innovation, our colleagues are encouraged and inspired to find a better way every day.