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Delivering a dream through genetic testing research

Going a step beyond means restoring Elizabeth’s faith in fertility. 

For Elizabeth, having a baby was always the next chapter of her life plan. After a year of trying to conceive naturally, Elizabeth was told she had a limited number of fertile eggs and the shape of her husband’s sperm made egg penetration difficult without assistance. With her doctor's support they turned to in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Six failed IVF cycles later, her hope was fading (three cycles with her own eggs; one miscarriage, three more cycles with the first donor eggs, two miscarriages). Then adoption as an alternative option failed too. Elizabeth was left continually heartbroken. Even though the options were dwindling, Elizabeth’s passion for motherhood and her determination to have a baby remained as strong as ever. 

Nearly six years after first trying to conceive, the couple spoke to a new fertility specialist about options for surrogacy with donor eggs. The doctor convinced them that with genetically viable eggs, Elizabeth could get pregnant without a surrogate. The doctor introduced them to genetic testing and its impact on choosing the right egg donor and achieving pregnancy success.

It’s companies like NextGen Genetics, with a commitment to genetic testing research, that can deliver fine-tuned information for families to make informed decisions as well as conduct pre-implantation screening for potentially life-threatening conditions. NextGen Genetics, founded by Cengiz Cinnioglu, is a genetic testing facility in San Jose, California. Dr. Cinnioglu and his team of geneticists and scientists have developed next generation sequencing platforms with the aim of helping IVF couples to see through healthy, successful pregnancies.

For Elizabeth, this had not previously been possible. But the ability to test eggs for genetic health and compatibility, and to test embryos for genetic viability changed the game. Instead of additional failed attempts, and continued disappointment and failure, she was able to work alongside fertility doctors to bring a healthy baby to term.


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“Genetic testing was 100% the difference between me getting pregnant and not getting pregnant. It was game-changing – we chose the genetically viable embryo and it worked on the first time.”


Today, Elizabeth’s daughter is three years old, her dreams of becoming a mother finally came true. Thanks to the continuous commitment to genetic testing research, people like Elizabeth can experience a hope rekindled, and the miracle of life.

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