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Diversity in clinical trials

Clinical trials play a vital role in shaping the future of medicine, allowing scientists and researchers to test new treatments before they reach the market.

However, these trials have long been marked by a glaring issue: A lack of diversity.

Race, ethnicity, age, gender, weight and other factors can all impact how different people respond to the same medicine or treatment. This is why diversity among clinical trial participants is so important.

The more diverse a group of clinical trial participants is, the more we can learn about the safety and efficacy of a potential medicine for all people, now and in the future.

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“Clinical trials have historically only included middle-aged white men from coastal regions in the United States.”

Jameka Hill
Senior Director of Clinical Trial Diversity

That said, there are many obstacles to clinical trial participation, including geographic access, language barriers and limited awareness of research options, as well as a lack of trust in the medical community.


One of the main reasons people don’t participate, however, is that no one asks them.



Recognizing these challenges and the importance of inclusivity, Thermo Fisher Scientific has partnered with Moderna – a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology company – to design and execute clinical trials that drive progress toward equity.

In this truly exceptional collaboration, Thermo Fisher and Moderna have shared best practices and pooled their expertise to introduce easier options for participants. These include strategies for recruiting diverse trial participants, remote visits, mobile vans, and digital technology.

Not only does this approach pave the way for equitable advancements in clinical trials, but it also sets a remarkable example for an industry that increasingly understands the importance of diversity in clinical research.

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“If we want to make sure every patient has the best shot, we have to have diversity in clinical trials. The time is now.”

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall
Former Chief Medical Officer & Chief Patient Officer
Pharmaceutical Company

There’s still a lot of work to be done to increase diversity in clinical trials.


But with the right tools in place, and through true collaboration, change can and will happen. Together, we will make a difference.