Oncology Stories

Our Vision: With science, we believe cancer will be cured

“Decades of advances in research, diagnostics and treatments are helping to lower cancer mortality, but millions globally await a cure.


Brave patients and their families – our colleagues, friends and neighbors – are on the front lines fighting cancer every single day. Our work doesn’t stop until there is a cure.


Turning the tide on cancer requires an innovative, integrated approach that fosters partnerships and investment across the entire health and scientific ecosystem. Working alongside our customers, we will continue to provide innovative technology and scientific, clinical and drug manufacturing expertise to help predict, diagnose and treat cancer.


The golden age of biology is upon us, offering so much promise to improve human health. We are hopeful that one day personalized and affordable treatments will be available everywhere for everyone who needs them.”

Gianluca Pettiti,

Executive Vice President,

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Oncology Stories

Kirk's race against cancer

"Research saves lives," says Kirk, an endurance athlete who credits new targeted therapies and cancer research for allowing him to live an active life despite a lung cancer diagnosis that has a low survival rate.

Engineering a miracle for Maddie

When Maddie was 3 years old, doctors told her mother to consider hospice. Almost 10 years later, she doesn’t dwell on her cancer. These days she dreams about getting her learner’s permit.

Podcast: Saved time saves lives

Tune in to Science With a Twist, where host Kathy Davy and guest Dr. Jeffrey Scott, chief medical officer and president of population health solutions at Integra Connect, discuss genomic testing.

Finding hope in CAR T cell therapy

When Gideon was just 5 years old, his health took a turn for the worse. He began experiencing fevers, unexplained swelling in his chest, and sensitivity to the sun.

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