Access to Clinical Trials: Eliminating Barriers to Enrollment for Women

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In this episode of "Science with a Twist," host Terri Somers speaks with Dr. Rose Blackburne, MBA, Vice President, Medical Science and Strategy, and Global Head of General Medicine and Women’s Health at the PPD clinical research business at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Dr. Blackburne, a thought leader in women’s health and clinical trials, emphasizes the critical need for diversity in clinical trials to achieve health equity, highlighting how different populations experience varying symptoms and responses to treatments. She explains that women’s health goes beyond reproductive issues, providing examples of diseases that impact far more women than men. She also explains why, historically, women were excluded from clinical trials and recent measures that are helping to ensure equitable representation.

Dr. Blackburne shares insights into:

  • The challenges of recruiting women and minority groups for clinical trials, noting the logistical and societal barriers they face.
  • Innovative solutions, such as telemedicine and flexible scheduling, to make trial participation more accessible.
  • Recent advances in clinical research, including a groundbreaking preeclampsia test and contributions to COVID-19 vaccine trials, highlighting Thermo Fisher's pivotal role in these developments.

The conversation concludes with a discussion of recent government initiatives to advance women’s health research and the importance of public and private partnerships. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of inclusive healthcare and scientific innovation.

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"If you think about how busy we are as women, and think about now participating in a trial, which requires sometimes several visits beyond your usual doctor's appointment, when you commit to a trial, it impacts your day to day life. One of the reasons it's difficult sometimes for women to participate is just the logistics of getting to an appointment... One of the things that helps relieve some of the burden of trial participation, and we've developed a lot of these offerings, are really thinking about how to make trials more accessible."

Rose Blackburne, MD, MBA
VP and Global Head of General Medicine/CVMet and Women’s Health, Medical Science and Strategy for the PPD clinical research business
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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 Dr. Rose Blackburne, MBA

💡 What she does: VP and Global Head of General Medicine/CVMet  and Women’s Health, Medical Science and Strategy for the PPD clinical research business.


💡Company: Thermo Fisher

💡Noteworthy: Dr. Blackburne is a leader in women's health and clinical research.

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