COVID-19 Response Story

Go beyond with a partner who's committed to the fight against COVID-19.

Delivering COVID-19 testing solutions for America, and beyond

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our Mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. So, when scientists, governments and healthcare workers around the world rallied together to fight the COVID-19 virus, we knew where we needed to be: by their sides, fighting alongside them. From developing one of the first COVID-19 tests to partnering to bring vaccines to the world, our teams have gone above and beyond to enable our customers to help the world stay healthy and safe.

Pioneering PCR testing for COVID-19

With the virus spreading rapidly, there was an urgent need for fast, reliable testing solutions. By March 2020, Thermo Fisher had launched one of the first real-time PCR testing kits. It was authorized by the FDA for emergency use and then received the CE mark in Europe. PCR is considered the gold standard in testing technology and nearly 50 countries around the world have approved our test for use.

Tailored processing for all 50 states

We knew that a blanket approach to large-scale testing in America wouldn't work. So, we partnered with each state individually to help them develop tailored processes that address testing needs with solutions that fit with their unique guidelines and priorities. By April 2020, we helped them to conduct over 40 million tests in the U.S. By May, we had also ramped up our global testing capabilities to deliver 10 million tests per week. And today, we have distributed more than half a billion PCR tests across 140+ countries.

Moving at warp speed to help develop vaccines

Thermo Fisher has been committed to supporting government, industry and academia in the accelerated development and production of COVID-19 vaccines, therapies and other treatments. We have increased our vaccine production capacity around the world and are currently supporting more than 250 vaccine and therapy projects for our biopharma customers, including Pfizer and Moderna.

Facilitating a safer return to the classroom

We have developed the Thermo Fisher Scientific™ ReadyCheckGo™ Testing Program, in partnership with Color Health, to deliver a cost-effective, end-to-end solution that simplifies COVID-19 testing for K-12 schools. This innovative program offers pooled PCR testing, alongside digital registration and reporting, end-to-end lab and logistics coordination, training for school staff, and flexibility in program design to help meet schools’ specific needs.

Going beyond

In addition to our global testing efforts, Thermo Fisher has been going a step beyond to help develop vaccines, provide PPE to healthcare professionals, manufacture ventilator components and produce hand sanitizer. Watch our COVID-19 Response Video to see more.

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What does going a step beyond mean?

Watch our video to find out more about what drives Thermo Fisher to go above and beyond every single day.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Read more about how we live our mission every day.

Making a difference in our world, together

We are committed to making a significant positive impact on society by operating responsibly and by giving back to the communities in which we live and work.