Resilient supply

Thermo Fisher is committed to providing the highest quality products and services while flexing to meet changing demand. To meet our customer requirements, we rely on a supply base that can support us. For Thermo Fisher, resilience in our supply base goes beyond disaster scenario planning. To effectively meet our needs, we depend on suppliers who can:

  • Flex in response to unanticipated supply shocks
  • Adjust to demand shifts
  • Secure resiliency in their own supply base
  • Develop a culture of planning and partnering to identify and mitigate supply chain risks

We assess the resiliency of each of our suppliers and their ability to support our business based on 50-plus risk indicators including geographic exposure, financial stability,  environmental and human rights compliance as well as overall supplier performance. Some areas of risk assessment require the support of our suppliers including business continuity planning and practices with regards to human rights, the environment, ethics and responsible sourcing.

Quotation marks
Beyond safety and compliance, the first priority of any supply chain activity is assurance of supply. Failure or disruption in the availability or delivery of materials not only affects how we can serve our customers, but also consumes significant time and effort in its recovery. We ask all of our suppliers to put meeting our schedules as their first priority too. We carry out a number of activities to help in providing well-constructed contractual agreements, forecasts of materials requirements, and we scan our supply base for possible hazards that could lead to disruption. However, no matter how thorough we are in this work, unforeseen events can and do arise, sometimes resulting in disappointment to our customers. When this arises, we ask for early notification of impending supply constraints, allowing us to work with you in resolving problems before they have any adverse effect. Thank you for all you do for Thermo Fisher Scientific, your service performance is something we value highly.”

Philip Usherwood
VP of Sourcing (AIG)