Mission in a Minute

Global Drink Wine Day: February 18

Wine is one of the oldest beverages known to humankind, but with over 10,000 grape varieties, monitoring authenticity, adulteration and fraud pose a serious challenge for the ever-growing wine industry. To help understand everything from composition to geographical origin, we manufacture technologies and applications that support our customers in wine authenticity testing, among other equipment that ensures the safety, quality and processes behind winemaking.

Understanding the analytical wine analysis process is essential for those in the industry who adhere to regional regulations for wine safety and strive to maintain wine authenticity. This commitment guarantees that consumers are purchasing a high-quality final product. Customers like Sicavac, a wine testing laboratory located in the Loire Valley, evaluate tens of thousands of wine samples per year to maintain the age-old tradition of producing high quality wine. 

Our discrete analyzers, chromatography solutions, and chemical analysis technologies provide the laboratory with rapid, reliable and easy to operate equipment and guarantees quality results for their winemakers.

Want to learn more? Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine and visit our wine testing information site to see how our products enable our customers to ensure each glass of wine looks the same, tastes the same and is free of contaminants such as pesticides or heavy metals.