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Mission in a Minute

Mission in a Minute

Mission in a Minute serves to bring awareness to global observances and recognizing Thermo Fisher's contributions and/or impact.

International Coffee Day: October 1

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leader in analytical solutions crucial to producing quality-made coffee, including technologies enabling customers to accurately and efficiently analyze coffee through all stages of production.

World Sepsis Day: September 13

World Sepsis Day is a day for people worldwide to unite against sepsis, a life-threatening condition arising from the body’s response to infection damage to tissues and organs.

International Beer Day: August 4

From hops to final product, breweries use microbiology, chemistry, physics and a lot of attention to detail to make the product safe, look good and taste great.


World Hepatitis Day: July 28

In the fight against Hepatitis B, World Hepatitis Day serves as a global call to action, raising awareness about this silent epidemic and advocating for innovative solutions.

World Oceans Day: June 8

The ocean provides us with many resources and services. However, our use of plastics in everyday items and manufacturing processes can harm our environment and food chain.

World Ovarian Cancer Day: May 8

As our understanding of cancer biology has grown, therapy decisions are now increasingly based on specific genetic alterations present in an individual’s cancer genome.

Earth Day: April 22

By incorporating principles of green chemistry and engineering into our designs, we are developing products and instruments that are more energy efficient, responsibly packaged, produce less waste and more.

National Organ Donor Day: February 14

National Donor Day is dedicated to donor awareness and education while recognizing those who have given and received the gift of life, are currently waiting and who have passed.