Mission in a Minute

International Beer Day: August 4

International Beer Day, celebrated on the first Friday of every August, encourages participants to give one another the 'gift of beer' by buying each other a drink and to express gratitude to brewers, bartenders and other beer technicians.

So, what do scientists have to do with beer? From hops to final product, breweries use microbiology, chemistry, physics and a lot of attention to detail to make the product safe, look good and taste great.

Helping them every step of the way are some of Thermo Fisher Scientific's technologies.

Hermitage Brewing Company and Strike Brewing Co., two breweries from San Jose, California, share how science and Thermo Fisher’s product’s play an important role in making the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage—beer.

Combining science with the art of beer making, brewmasters can perfect the color, flavor and purity of the final product. Thermo Fisher’s Steri Cycle CO2 incubator, important for cell culturing, and Thermo Fisher’s spectrometry products, important for testing for bitterness and color, are perfect examples of how science provides the essential ingredients of a quality beer.