Mission in a Minute

International Coffee Day: October 1

For many of us, the day does not begin until we have had a cup of coffee... or in some cases, two. It is nice to know we are not alone: an estimated 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed across the globe every day, with over 60% of these being consumed in the morning.

Brewed coffee and tea are currently two of the most consumed non-alcoholic drinks worldwide. Not only do people drink coffee and tea for the benefits of being alert and awake, but also for the taste, the aroma, the purity and consistency of these products.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a recognized leader in providing analytical solutions, crucial in the production of quality made coffee. From carbohydrates and sugar substitutes, to vitamins and additives, we are unique in our commitment to provide fast, accurate testing and labeling information. Thermo Fisher’s chromatography and mass spectrometry technologies enable our customers to accurately and efficiently analyze coffee through all stages of production.

Additionally, Thermo Fisher’s microbiology business plays a crucial role in the rapid identification of any microbes that have the potential to cause food poisoning or spoil beverages like coffee. From culture media and molecular methods used to detect bacteria like C. botulinum and Salmonella that could be harmful if consumed, to solutions for the detection and enumeration of other bacteria as well as yeasts and molds that can affect product quality, we are working to ensure that coffee is safe to consume.


So, while you finish your morning coffee or are on your way to grab a second, raise a cup in the air for Thermo Fisher’s contributions to making your day that much better.