Mission in a Minute

World Hepatitis Day: July 28

In the fight against Hepatitis B, World Hepatitis Day serves as a global call to action, raising awareness about this silent epidemic and advocating for innovative solutions.

Hepatitis B, a global health crisis, leads to chronic liver infections and severe complications, causing immense suffering and loss of life. The impact of Hepatitis B is especially devastating in low-resource settings, where access to proper diagnosis and treatment may be limited.

Thermo Fisher recognizes the importance of global health equity and strives to bridge this gap by developing advanced and accessible solutions.

Did you know that:

  • Thermo Fisher manufactures quality control materials for Hepatitis B antigen and qPCR testing to ensure the tests are validated, performing properly and consistent.
  • Thermo Fisher supports blood donor screening laboratories by providing solutions to help monitor and ensure a clean blood supply. 
  • Thermo Fisher* has provided a variety of development services in support of 35 Heptatitis studies, inaddition to supporting five therapies that received regulatory approval, all over the last five years.


*Thermo Fisher’s Clinical Research business, previously PPD, started these efforts prior to joining Thermo Fisher, and has continued since the acquisition.


By continuously advancing research and developing innovations, Thermo Fisher empowers healthcare professionals to combat Hepatitis B through reliable and accurate diagnostics. With our groundbreaking solutions, we can help pave the way for early interventions and personalized care, enabling a world free of Hepatitis B.