Mission in a Minute

World Water Day: March 22

When it comes to sustainability, many believe all reusable water bottles are created equal – but are they?

It’s true that a reusable bottle beats single-use plastic every time when thinking about environmental impact. In fact, it’s estimated that 1 million plastic bottles of water are sold every minute around the world, with many of these bottles ending up in our landfills or on the ocean floor. Reusable bottles are no doubt helping to make a difference by cutting down waste. However, when measuring sustainability, it’s important to note what your favorite reusable bottle is made of.

Nalgene, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s only consumer brand, was born from our company’s early innovations in lab plastics. The majority of Nalgene water bottles are made from a safe, BPA-free plastic called Tritan. Today, most of our Nalgene water bottles are manufactured with Tritan Renew, a material derived from 50% certified recycled materials. Since 2020, Thermo Fisher’s use of Tritan Renew for our Nalgene bottles has helped divert more than 2.9 million pounds of plastic waste. That’s A LOT of plastic!

In honor of World Water Day, which is celebrated annually on March 22 to highlight the importance of fresh, safe water, we’re proud to highlight how we are making an environmental impact. Through our Nalgene Water Fund, launched in 2019, the company supports communities across the United States that are struggling with access to clean water.


To date, the Nalgene Water Fund has supported efforts in Navajo Nation, and Benton Harbor and Flint, Michigan. For World Water Day, 100% of sales from www.nalgene.com will be donated to the Nalgene Water Fund.


Read more about our commitment to improving access to clean drinking water: https://nalgene.com/nalgene-water-fund/