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Collaborate throughout Thermo Fisher and with our suppliers to drive growth, innovation and enable cost effective, resilient supply while leading to protect our people and planet.

We are committed to the fair and equitable treatment of our suppliers, providing qualified suppliers the opportunity to grow their business. Supplier confidentiality is maintained by all our business units and sites, in order to maintain high ethical standards and to support the creation of lasting supplier relationships. In return, suppliers are expected to:

        • Maintain the confidentiality of information provided by us

        • Advise us of product and process technology alternatives that would improve the purchase value

        • Conduct business ethically, without attempt to influence through gifts, entertainment, or favors that would create a conflict of interest

        • Partner with us to produce sustainable products using environmentally sustainable materials and processes.

Supplier Programs

Thermo Fisher is committed to collaborating with our suppliers to drive growth, accelerate innovation and enable cost-effective and resilient supply.

Supplier Diversity

We embed this inclusive culture in all our business practices

Resilient Supply

Flexing to meet changing demand

Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainability and socially responsible business practices and policies

Information for Existing Suppliers ​

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Supplier Selection & Evaluation

Our Procurement and Quality processes assure initial selection, evaluation, approval, monitoring and reevaluation of suppliers. Specific requirements are not part of this Supplier Resource Site, and you should refer to the applicable division, business unit, or site procurement process guidelines.

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Suppliers to Thermo Fisher are selected following a thorough, comprehensive review and evaluation process which includes:

    · Ability to provide materials or services that meet Thermo Fisher requirements and performance

    · Ability to consistently meet customer service including 100% conforming products and on-time delivery

    · Ability to maintain Strong Quality and Environmental Management Systems
    · Ability to implement and maintain a Continuous Improvement culture and strong Problem-Solving process

    · Ability to support technical assistance and development projects
    · Strategic fit and compatibility with our business and culture

    · Ability to meet our growth and value drivers

    · Ability to invest in, support and drive Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Carbon Disclosure

    · General business and financial health performance

New suppliers will be assessed on their ability to consistently provide quality materials, products or services through one or more of the following:  onsite/remote audit, supplier questionnaire, or supplier self-evaluation.  Thermo Fisher reserves the right to conduct an onsite quality system audit to determine the suppliers’ capability of meeting all Thermo Fisher requirements. Suppliers capable of meeting

Sub-Tier Supplier Management

Unless contractually agreed, suppliers are expected to have full responsibility for management of their sub-supplier's. They are expected to implement the necessary controls, monitoring and continuous improvement processes to ensure that materials and components used for Thermo Fisher products/services meet Thermo Fisher’s specifications and business principles.

Supplier Development & Improvement

One pillar of our Quality Policy is our drive to continually improve utilizing our Practical Process Improvement (PPI) initiatives.  In turn, our suppliers should have established processes designed to drive continuous improvement across all functions of the business.  Thermo Fisher is willing to share these PPI tools with our strategic suppliers to help improve supplier performance and create a stronger partnership.

The goal is to create a self-sustained improvement process environment where the supplier proactively reviews performance data, determines actions, and implements solutions that reduce defects, missed delivery dates, and cost while increasing product value and both companies’ margins.

Here too, refer to your business point of contact for the specific requirements of this program, which may vary among divisions and/or sites.

Supplier Performance Monitoring

Thermo Fisher continuously monitors its suppliers using various methods. Audits, risk assessments, nonconformance identification, CAPA and SCAR processes, and scorecards are just a few examples. When improvement plans do not reach the expected results, the supplier is required to allow Thermo Fisher to perform an audit or inspection at the supplier’s facilities/processes.

Suppliers performance will be monitored and reviewed on a periodic basis. Metrics may include:

    · On-time delivery

    · On-quantity delivery

    · Parts Quality Acceptance (Quality Performance)

    · Non-conformances and corrective actions

Supplier Business Reviews

For our Global Sourcing Suppliers as well as for some of our critical suppliers, Thermo Fisher will request that regularly scheduled Supplier Business Reviews be prepared and conducted. It is expected that these reviews will be attended by members of the management teams both from Thermo Fisher and the supplier. At a minimum, these reviews will cover past performance by the supplier in the areas of Cost, Quality, Delivery and Service. It is also recommended that other areas such as strategic initiatives, new product introduction topics, new service offerings or improvements also be covered at these reviews.

Change Management

Notification of Changes

A supplier shall not make any changes to a process, specification or requirement to products or services supplied without first notifying and receiving approval from the supplier’s appropriate Thermo Fisher contact. Written approval shall be used to document the approval of change. Each division, business unit or site can supply the appropriate documentation for change notification and when such notification should be supplied.

Notifications should be supplied to Thermo Fisher at least 180 days (ideally) but no less than 90 days in advance of the expected implementation date. Types of changes requiring notification can include:

        • Material changes
        • Changes affecting form, fit or function

        • Manufacturing locations, equipment, processes, test or inspection requirements

        • Supplier changes

        • Quality Management System, ISO certifications, regulatory authority certifications status change, regulatory authority warning letters

Legal documents may be used to capture change notification requirements, such as Supplier Quality Agreements. Other agreements such as Technical Agreements, Master Supply Agreements (MSAs), and Purchase Orders can include change notification requirements.