Sustainable Finance

At Thermo Fisher, we embed our environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities within the business to drive ownership and progress toward our commitments. Sustainable financing is part of our approach and helps advance initiatives that are fundamental to our Company and deliver positive social and environmental impacts.

Sustainable financing framework

Our Sustainable Financing Framework supports innovations and investments that enable the following:

  • Increasing access to healthcare, vaccines and medicines
  • Advancing racial equity and social justice
  • Enabling sustainable scientific discovery 
  • Protecting and preserving the environment

We intend to allocate 100% of the net proceeds of any sustainable financing instrument to a portfolio of eligible social and green projects that meet the requirements outlined in our framework. We will report annually on both the allocation of net outstanding proceeds and the positive impacts related to financed projects. 


Our framework was developed in alignment with the Green Bond Principles (2021), Social Bond Principles (2021), and Sustainability Bond Guidelines (2021) as published by the International Capital Markets Association (“ICMA”). Following an independent review, a Second Party Opinion (SPO) of our framework was issued by Sustainalytics, a leading global provider of environmental, social and corporate governance research and ratings.

Sustainability bond report

On November 18, 2021, we issued a €550.0 million sustainability bond in line with our Sustainable Financing Framework. We are pleased to report we have fully allocated the net proceeds of this bond. Our Sustainability Bond Report 2022 details the allocation of proceeds and the impact of investments with the accompanying management attestation and auditor limited assurance.