Our customers rely on our products, services and expertise as they deliver life-saving therapies to patients, protect our air and water, and keep the public safe. That’s why we adhere to the highest ethical, quality and safety standards, embedding rigorous practices throughout our operations to ensure our customers can count on us. We have a diverse network of suppliers that uphold our stringent standards and support a more resilient supply chain that delivers greater sourcing options and competitive pricing.


To enable our customers’ success in an increasingly competitive global environment, we leverage our PPI (Practical Process Improvement) Business System, a deeply ingrained philosophy of operational excellence which allows us to optimize processes, solve challenges and reduce inefficiencies. Initiated by our colleagues, PPI ensures we work smarter for and deliver greater value to our customers. It empowers all colleagues to find a better way every day, driving productivity and improving product and service quality to strengthen customer allegiance.

Environmental, Health and Safety Management

Global supply chain