We are committed to employing proper Global Citizenship practices in all of our business relationships. As such, we expect all suppliers to conduct their worldwide operations in a manner consistent with sustainability and socially responsible business practices and policies. While recognizing differences in laws, customs and acceptable practices around the world, we believe shared values are the cornerstone of supplier relationships. Therefore, we expect suppliers and all supplier sub-contractors to be fully compliant with our Supplier Code of Conduct. Our supplier contracts state that we reserve the right to audit suppliers on all elements of this Code and to terminate a business relationship if it is determined that a supplier is in violation.


To build upon our supply chain due diligence processes, this year we implemented a supply chain risk management program to map, monitor, and lower our supply chain risk based on supplier performance, geographic exposure, and environmental practices. In addition, we use the globally recognized EcoVadis platform to assess and help drive improvements in our suppliers’ health and safety, labor, and sustainability performance, and to monitor compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct.


Our products use a variety of materials, including tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold.  We are committed to sourcing materials from companies that share our values regarding human rights and environmental sustainability, and work with the Responsible Minerals Initiative to drive ethical sourcing of minerals.



Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is fully committed to acting with integrity and high ethical standards. This includes a commitment to ensuring that our own operations and our supply chain respect human rights and uphold global standards for equal opportunities, the freedom to associate, as well as the elimination of modern slavery, human trafficking, and harmful or exploitative forms of child labor.


The statement below is made pursuant to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (“California Act”), section 54(1) of the UK Modern Slavery Act (“UK Act”), the reporting requirements under the Commonwealth of Australia Modern Slavery Act (“Australian Act”)* and the Norwegian Transparency Act (“Norwegian Act” and, collectively, the “Acts”). It constitutes our human rights and modern slavery transparency statement for the financial year ending 31 December 2022 and is intended to provide our customers, stakeholders and investors with information on human rights and modern slavery risks Thermo Fisher Scientific has identified and the systems and controls that we have implemented to prevent or limit these risks in our supply chain.


Download: Human Rights and Modern Slavery Transparency Statement 2022


Our previous statements are available below:


To learn more about our approach to human rights please visit our Ethics and Compliance page.

As of January 1, 2023, the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz - LkSG) has come into force. The purpose of this legislation is to

ensure that companies with operations and facilities in Germany maintain human rights and environmental standards across their supply chain.


For a more comprehensive overview of this legislation and its effects on our business, please review our company’s policy statement.


For details on our risk management and due diligence approach in accordance with LkSG, please review our LkSG Report.

Part of being a responsible corporate citizen and business partner is promoting diversity not only within our operations but also among those with whom we conduct business. We are committed to actively working to build and maintain relationships with qualified small businesses as well as veteran-, minority-, LGBT-, disabled-, and women owned enterprises. We establish strong relationships with advocacy partners and certifying bodies that promote diverse and small business suppliers and participate in various events and conferences to increase the opportunity for matchmaking.


In 2021, we established our Corporate Supplier Diversity Policy, reinforcing our commitment to supplier diversity and formalizing the program’s objectives and expectations. We also developed and completed mandatory internal training for our procurement and sourcing specialists in the US. These colleagues play a critical role in upholding our policy and executing our plans. To maintain the integrity of our program, we only account for spending with diverse and small suppliers certified through a third party or registered with the Small Business Administration (SBA). We support data quality by engaging with a supplier diversity solution partner to validate the supplier’s certification status.


By continually increasing the diversity of our world-class supply chain, we benefit by obtaining the value of the innovative solutions and the fresh business perspective such firms have to offer. They in essence become our partners in maintaining our position as a leader in our industry, allowing us to ensure our customers’ success.


Value received is only part of the story. Just as important, by working to expand the field of opportunity, we help create the conditions that stimulate economic growth in the communities where we, our customers, and our colleagues live and do business. We know that when this happens, everyone wins.