Thermo Fisher is committed to protecting the world’s natural resources by preserving fresh water resources and managing waste.


Water is vital to life, and we aim to understand the risks associated with our impact on water scarcity and water quality. Our approach includes the following priorities and our first near-term target:


  • Assess water usage for current water-intensive manufacturing facilities in water scarce areas by 2024

  • Conduct annual water scarcity assessments to manage our evolving risks and impacts, and adapt, if needed, as water stressors shift

  • Ensure our wastewater discharges comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as our internal standards, with an emphasis on active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

  • Continue to baseline our operational water use to inform future targets and improve reporting 


We have set a waste target that will support our net-zero journey and aim to have 30 zero-waste certified manufacturing and warehouse sites by 2025.


Our approach considers both the waste hierarchy outlined by the US EPA and the GHG emission potential of different disposal methods. This puts an initial focus on reducing the use of natural resources in our operations, followed by shifting high-emission disposal methods.


Through our Zero Waste Playbook, we provide our sites guidance for working toward Zero Waste certification. A five-step process, powered by our PPI Business System, engages our colleagues to implement waste-minimizing changes in processes and procurement strategies.