Colleague involvement


Our colleagues are passionate about helping others, and we provide many opportunities for them to get involved through our global network of Community Action Councils (CACs), annual campaigns and colleague matching gift program.

Volunteer impact

Our strategy for community involvement relies on engagement at the local level where we can have the most meaningful impact with our non-profit partners. We foster volunteer-led Community Action Councils (CACs) at our sites around the world, resourcing our colleagues so they may directly connect with their local communities to provide rewarding volunteer and philanthropic support.


Although CACs are empowered to work independently, they are provided corporate support including grant funding, tools, and training. We engage our CAC Coordinators from around the world in leadership summits where best practices are shared around our collective effort to make a global impact. 

Our largest annual volunteer effort is our “Get Involved” campaign, a month of service encouraging colleagues across the globe to give back to their communities with up to 8 hours of volunteerism. Activities are coordinated locally to support charitable causes important to our colleagues, including STEM education events, health equity partnerships, park and beach clean-ups, food packing events, and working with seniors and children. 

Matching gifts

To promote the generous spirit of our colleagues, our Charitable Giving Program provides a platform that allows them to easily contribute to causes that they feel passionately about. Our colleagues can make direct donations to a charity of their choice, create a fundraiser – mobilizing greater support for a cause – or contribute to a disaster relief campaign. Through our Employee Matching Gift program, we help colleagues make an even bigger impact by matching their contribution to eligible charities by 100%.