At Thermo Fisher, our commitment to operating with integrity has long included a focus on environmental stewardship. We believe we have a responsibility to actively reduce our impact on the planet while continually seeking new ways to facilitate and accelerate discovery for our customers.

We recognize the inextricable link between a healthy planet and healthy people. In order to provide long-term value in a world with natural resources that are increasingly constrained, we leverage our culture of continuous improvement, integrate the rising expectations of our stakeholders, and pursue new opportunities to strengthen and accelerate our progress. While working to reduce our impact on the planet, we are also actively supporting the sustainability ambitions of our customers with a focus on:

    • Climate

    • Product design

    • Water
    • Waste

2021 impact at a glance


Reduction of absolute scope 1 and scope 2 emissions


Of global electricity captured from renewable sources


Greener Product Lines*



* Each greener product category consists of multiple products within a product line — all of which share the same environmentally beneficial feature(s). To help labs reduce their environmental impact, we have designed these products to minimize the use of hazardous chemicals, minimize waste and material consumption and/or increase energy efficiency.