Volunteer impact

Our strategy for community involvement relies on engagement at the local level where we can have the most meaningful impact with our non-profit partners. We foster volunteer-led Community Action Councils (CACs) at our sites around the world, resourcing our colleagues so they may directly connect with their local communities to provide rewarding volunteer and philanthropic support. Although CACs are empowered to work independently, they are provided corporate support including grant funding, tools, and training. Each year we invite our CAC Coordinators from around the world to a two-day summit where best practices are shared around our collective effort to make a global impact.

2020 impact at a glance


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Participation decreased in 2020 as a result of the ongoing global pandemic


Participating colleagues


Volunteer hours

Get involved day

Our largest annual volunteer effort is “Get Involved Day,” a day of service encouraging colleagues across the globe to give back to their communities with up to 8 hours of volunteerism. Activities are coordinated locally to support charitable causes important to our colleagues, including STEM education events, park and beach clean-ups, food packing events, and working with seniors and children. 

Impacting our local communities

Through volunteerism and charitable giving, our colleagues make a difference in their local communities. With a network of over 124 Community Action Councils (CACs) across the globe, our employees have collectively donated over 69,000 volunteer hours to their local communities both through organized group activities and individual efforts. 


In 2019, we expanded our Charitable Giving Program to support colleague donations year-round and during our annual United Way Campaign across 28 countries. This expansion also allowed us to provide more opportunities for colleagues to participate in and organize disaster relief campaigns that may affect their immediate community or communities abroad.


Through our Employee Matching Gift program, we help colleagues make an even bigger impact by matching their contribution to eligible charities by 100%. 

Quotation marks
“Thermo Fisher’s support of the Frederick County Public School Science and Engineering Fair has had a significant impact on the number of students participating year after year. Their contribution as judges has increased the motivation in our students to achieve their best since they know that professional scientists and engineers are viewing their work. This has led to an increase in the number of students moving on to the International Science Fair.”

Colleen Baall
Science Specialist
Frederick County Public Schools Secondary