Product Design

We are perpetually seeking new ways to provide our customers with the means to achieve greater environmental stewardship. Thermo Fisher is committed to designing our products with the environment in mind. This concept is grounded in a circular business model that focuses on rethinking how we design and make our products. By incorporating sustainability principles into the design of our greener product alternatives, we can help customers advance sustainability in the lab by minimizing the use of hazardous chemicals, decreasing waste and material consumption, and increasing energy efficiency.

Enabling our customers’ environmental goals


Greener Product Categories*


470 ACT labeled products


ENERGY STAR™ – certified products

* Each greener product category consists of multiple products within a product line — all of which share the same environmentally beneficial feature(s). To help labs reduce their environmental impact, we have designed these products to minimize the use of hazardous chemicals, minimize waste and material consumption and/or increase energy efficiency.


Our dedication to transparency doesn’t stop with our own products. The Fisher Scientific Greener Choice program makes it easy for customers to find lab products with a lower environmental impact, offering more than 6,000 qualifying products from various brands. Greener Choice products must meet four criteria, including offering one or more environmental attributes itemized in the US FTC “Green Guides.”

Product labeling

We believe it should be easy to make informed purchasing decisions. Our environmentally preferable product alternatives are labeled with a green leaf symbol on, and we provide detailed substantiation for all our claims.

Thermo Fisher is also a leading participant in the ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label program created by the non-profit organization My Green Lab. The ACT label is designed to address the needs of both scientists and procurement specialists for clear, third-party-verified information about the environmental impact of laboratory products. At the end of 2021, Thermo Fisher offered 470 products with an ACT label to customers.

Over time, we anticipate expanding ACT labels to additional SKUs, enabling research, pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories to achieve their sustainability objectives by providing a broader range of purchasing options.


For more information on how we enable our customers with greener products please visit our Greener Projects page.

Packaging and Transport

Packaging design is integral to ensuring the quality and performance of our products and minimizing our environmental impact. Our goal is to design packaging and transport solutions that preserve product integrity while maximizing freight density and therefore using less fuel. From redesigning the packaging of individual components within kits to reducing the use of dry ice and other cold shipping methods and transitioning to readily recyclable shipping materials, we are reducing our environmental impact and helping our customers meet their climate and waste goals.